SmartAir provides the housings designed specifically for the high-pressure systems and can withstand very high pressures.

SmartAir also has a good range of cartridge that can be combined with the housing to reap the maximum benefits of SmartAir quality.

The SmartAir filtration cartridges always ensure the best filtration experience as these come in different configurations, to suit different models and dimensions.


Housing Plus 3P and 2P

The full range of SmartAir Filters SX cartridges is suitable to PLUS SX housings and provide the widest range of water filtration and treatment units.

The housings are made in 2 main versions:
– 3P housings for cartridge height at 5”, 7”, 10”, 20”.
– 2P housings for cartridge height at 4”, 7”, 10”.
All 3P and 2P housings are available as single, DUPLEX and TRIPLEX
PLUS SX housings are suitable for every Point-of-Entry (POE)
application, as single or multi-stage on-line filters.
PLUS SX housings are manufactured with the finest and most advanced materials under constant focus on innovative processing technologies and ceaseless modernization to ensure the absolute quality of our products.

CPP Melt-blown polypropylene

SmartAir Filters high efficiency melt-blown polypropylene cartridges are manufactured in specific plant which includes the standardization of production with dedicated software at every process stage, thermal insulation at controlled temperature, full automation of the whole production line, from the raw-material loading to the finished product packing, without operator direct contact with the product, granting full hygienic safety. Certified raw materials, high productivity and quick delivery time, flexibility of production and custom made products complete the benefits of the range. CPP smooth cartridges with heights from 4” to 50” are available also as IC models with polypropylene inner core and as E models with end-caps in various configurations.

CPP cartridges are made to comply with the most stringent regulations for applications in drinking water. Polypropylene is suitable to many industrial applications due to its wide chemical-physical compatibility to a variety of water-based solutions.

FA SANIC polypropylene wound thread

A wide range of filter cartridges with antimicrobial technology made with polypropylene thread featuring a silver based antimicrobial agent, wound on polypropylene or reinforced polypropylene inner core, available in a variety of filter rates, heights, diameters and configurations.

SmartAir Filters FA SANIC wound cartridges are made of uniform and consistent polypropylene thread, strong and homogeneous, which makes a compact cartridge construction resulting in a larger filtration surface with improvement in filtration efficiency and in life-span, with a higher cost/
effective ratio as a result. The inner core is made rigid and with particular solutions to achieve the maximum rigidity for every height from 4” to 40”. FA SANIC cartridges with antimicrobial technology are the most appropriate sediment filter cartridges for all drinking water applications.

CB-EC carbon block with outer protection sheet

CB-EC are carbon block cartridges “environmentally friendly” manufactured, made with a proprietary technology reducing green-house gas emission in activated carbon production.

Activated carbon block made from coconut shell, providing fine sediment filtration and reduction of chlorine, taste, odour (CTO), volatile organic compounds (VOC), heavy metal reduction (Pb) and filtration of protozoan (Giardia, Cryptosporidium) Cyst. CB-EC Cartridges are available from 5”
to 20”.


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