Portable Misting Cannon

Portable Misting Cannon

The portable misting cannon has been in huge demand for the last two decades or so as it provides highly effective evaporating through a low-pressure technology. The SmartAir Portable Misting Cannon generates a unique combination of micro drops of crushed water that results in a light mist. This has an effective range of more than 15m.


Versatile purposes

The misting cannon is best described as a portable atomizer that can be used for cooling, Humidifying, dust and Odor control and many more usages based on dispersion of chemical solutions in liquid form or simple water

Portable and self-contained.

It is a portable unit, and the internal built-in tank has a capacity of 35 gallons. It can be easily attached to an ordinary water supply for a long-term operation. The output is adjustable up to 15 GPH and works well in low pressure system too.


The nozzle -free atomizer has the capacity to produce tons of small particles (that look like fog) assisted by a powerful airflow.

The misting cannon comes fully assembled, has almost zero maintenance charges and can be used for both indoors and outdoors.


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