Wall Mounted Fans

High Pressure Fan with steel blades & Galvanized Housing

Move and refresh the stagnant air in your tunnel, greenhouse or commercial warehouse to create a healthy and more productive l environment. Our exhaust fans are great for reducing dairy cow and poultry heat stress. Create a cool and more comfortable growing environment, which can directly contribute to productivity, quality and profitability for your greenhouse business. Our exhaust fans provide excellent ventilation for poultry laying cages. Refresh your barn’s air supply while removing respired moisture to provide a dry and draft-free environment for horses. Exhaust fans also work great in commercial buildings and industries.



The SmartAir patented fittings are made from nickel and stainless-steel plated brass and are known for their high quality. They can be easily cleaned with acids and the unique adaptive teeth prevent any kind of deep scratches on the polyamide tube thereby preventing leakages.
The fittings are robust in nature and can easily withstand any pulsations.
Made from stainless-steel and nickel the fittings ensure the highest form of resistance to corrosion and the unique design allows for a comfortable and faster installation.
The direction of the nozzle holder can be adjusted, and the fittings are always removable in nature.

High Pressure Misting Pumps

The high-pressure misting pumps provide the required high-pressure water to create fogging, cooling, humidification, and cleaning of the air.
These pumps require low investment and less maintenance and operative cost.
An electric motor powers the system that has flow rates up to 6l and more per min thereby easily meeting the standards required for providing professional humidification and mist cooling.

SmartAir pumps has two varieties – Economy and Industrial.
SmartAir pumps have features such as auto function, touch screen capability, a pressure switch and ON-OFF timer and are easy to install.
The pump uses three cylinders and the life span is around eight years.

High Pressure Misting Kits

SmartAir ready for installation kits which contain high pressure misting pump, filter, tubes, and other associated accessories.
Installation is very easy, and the kits are perfect for commercial, residential, livestock, greenhouses et al.
The Advanced High-Pressure Misting Kits connects the user with the right misting kit so that it can be used in any commercial premises or even backyard patio.
SmartAir High-Pressure misting Kits are capable of increase the pressure to a massive 1000 psi to facilitate an ultra-fine mist.
Its results in a drastic reduction in the temperature but without making any area damp or making you uncomfortable.
SmartAir High-Pressure misting Kits have the capacity to lower the temperature by as much as 30 degrees in a compatible environment and by 10 to 15 degrees in areas that experience high humidity.
The small droplets combine to reduce the temperature and offer cool ambiance.
The SmartAir High-Pressure misting Kits also eliminate dust and odor causing bacteria

Mist Palm KIT

A unique offering from us wherein the kit looks like a palm tree and is designed to provide significant relief from the heat.

1. Stainless-Steel Durable Structure

The kit can be installed in the gardens or near the swimming pools.


SmartAir range of nozzles are exceptionally durable and made from highest quality stainless steel and other high-quality materials.
The nozzles can work in a large flow and they are evenly distributed.
The unique internal structure of the nozzle allows it to deliver a stable performance.

Odor Control

pumped by the pipes on areas that are affected by odor. The SOE droplets that are sprayed into the air neutralizes the odor molecules as soon as it meets them. The SmartAir systems help to control odor in the industrial processes.
In the general scenario, the SmartAir systems circulate exceptionally fine atomized mist of SOE into spaces where there is odor.

The SmartAir powerful Misting Systems blows water mixed with SOE over a vast area or in a specific area that has the source of odor.

Portable Misting Cannon

The portable misting cannon has been in huge demand for the last two decades or so as it provides highly effective evaporating through a low-pressure technology. The SmartAir Portable Misting Cannon generates a unique combination of micro drops of crushed water that results in a light mist. This has an effective range of more than 15m.
Versatile purposes
The misting cannon is best described as a portable atomizer that can be used for cooling, Humidifying, dust and Odor control and many more usages based on dispersion of chemical solutions in liquid form or simple water

Portable Misting Cannon

SmartAir offers premium quality tubes, designed to meet the needs of a high-pressure system.
Rugged, durable and sustainable, our tubes ensure you have a seamless experience for years together.
There are two kinds of tubes on offer: Polyamide 12 and Stainless-Steel tubes.
Both very reliable, easy to install.
SmartAir tubes are reliable, perfect for no-fuss installation and perfect for a high-pressure system.


SmartAir provides the housings designed specifically for the high-pressure systems and can withstand very high pressures.
SmartAir also has a good range of cartridge that can be combined with the housing to reap the maximum benefits of SmartAir quality.
The SmartAir filtration cartridges always ensure the best filtration experience as these come in different configurations, to suit different models and dimensions.

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