SmartAir offers premium quality tubes, designed to meet the needs of a high-pressure system.

Rugged, durable and sustainable, our tubes ensure you have a seamless experience for years together.

There are two kinds of tubes on offer: Polyamide 12 and Stainless-Steel tubes.

Both very reliable, easy to install.

SmartAir tubes are reliable, perfect for no-fuss installation and perfect for a high-pressure system.


Polyamide 12 HL

The Polyamide 12 HL is a flexible tube and is fully heat stabilized. They are produced with raw materials that easily meets DIN 73378/74324 standard. It is available in two sizes – ¼” and 3/8”.

Polyamide 12 is a kind of polymer that is sourced from a petrochemical origin and exhibit features that vary from being rigid (Elastic Moduli is around 1400MPa) to super flexible (Elastic Moduli of around 2500MPa).  Additionally, it has optimal resistance to low temperatures as it enjoys an affinity with the olefinic rubbers.

Polyamide 12 is the lightest among all polyamides and is used extensively in the transport sector as it promotes inexpensive solutions. The resistance of the polyamide to atmospheric conditions makes it an ideal candidate for the majority of the applications like injection molding and thermoforming.

Stainless Steel Tubes

High quality, ragged Stainless Steel tubes for long lasting high pressure systems.


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