High-Pressure misting Kits

High-Pressure misting Kits

SmartAir ready for installation kits which contain high pressure misting pump, filter, tubes, and other associated accessories.

Installation is very easy, and the kits are perfect for commercial, residential, livestock, greenhouses et al.

The Advanced High-Pressure Misting Kits connects the user with the right misting kit so that it can be used in any commercial premises or even backyard patio.


High pressure for finest mist

SmartAir High-Pressure misting Kits are capable of increase the pressure to a massive 1000 psi to facilitate an ultra-fine mist.

Its results in a drastic reduction in the temperature but without making any area damp or making you uncomfortable.

SmartAir High-Pressure misting Kits have the capacity to lower the temperature by as much as 30 degrees in a compatible environment and by 10 to 15 degrees in areas that experience high humidity.

The small droplets combine to reduce the temperature and offer cool ambiance.

The SmartAir High-Pressure misting Kits also eliminate dust and odor causing bacteria


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